The White House

Planning permission has been secured for an elegant five-bedroom family home in Claygate. The house is conceived as two volumes linked by a central internal and external hallway. Taking advantage of the steeply sloping site, the hallway playfully descends two floors from street level, through the house and down to the garden. As the steps cascade through the house, they expand to form rooms, interlinking both inside and out.
The entrance terrace leads directly into a grand glazed hallway, framing striking views of the garden. Linking directly from the hallway, the interiors fan out in procession, as the dining room flows into the open plan living/kitchen space and the formal living room.

Above the entrance, a bridge links the house at first floor level where the private family spaces are located – all five bedrooms, bathrooms and a dressing room.
A stepped profile is used in the design of a bespoke staircase, where one riser turns to form the guarding before turning to form the next riser of the flight above. The profiled kitchen island unit and living room fire place also play on the theme of folded elements.
The design makes the best use of the solar orientation, with large double-glazed windows to the south and smaller triple-glazed windows to the north.
The roofs are mono-pitched to create a quirky yet familiar elevation to the street, and angled to best locate the solar panels and reduce the height of the roofs on the boundaries at the rear.

This house is currently under construction.

Apr 27 2018
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