Western Heights

Our brief from the client was to please ‘demolish and replace our existing 2 storey house and replace it with a contemporary 2.5 storey dwelling, with views into the distant and with elevated views out over the West Sussex coastline. We want a house that is both spacious for us now but anticipates that we will live here in our later years’.
Several designs were presented to planning before the preferred option emerged.
The house is composed of two independent gables which accommodate the main living spaces and the bedrooms that float over a unifying plinth, housing the garage and ancillary spaces. The gables frame recessed terraced areas and provide both shading and screening. The project aims to provide a long term, accessible residence for the client and creates a space where their children and grandchildren can comfortably stay with them by providing different levels of privacy within the house.
The building will be finished in a combination of timber weatherboarding and coloured tiles which complement the seaside palate of the neighbouring properties.

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