Salcombe Bay

Planning consent has been granted for a new amphibious house in the seaside town of Salcombe, UK and works have commenced on site.

The innovative scheme, includes the construction of a new flood resistant dwelling within the envelope of an existing stone store building and the replacement of a small boat shed with an elegant amphibious studio as part of the overall complex.

The design retains the existing fabric of the garden shop while extending and converting a new first floor with a contemporary pitched roof. The building fabric will be upgraded to resist floodwater using a waterproof concrete inner lining and flood resistant doors and windows. A balcony platform is proposed to the side of the living room at ground level to provide an additional feature to the site and a viewing platform to the river.

The boat store is to be rebuilt within the existing footprint and height with a timber framed building set on a bouyant base to enable it to float during extreme high tides. The courtyard is to be reprofiled to create a causeway connection between the studio and the house.

On the inside, the ground floor space opens up towards the living area and culminates in a full glazed front that brings the outstanding view of the estuary into the house. This glazed front is mirrored onto the first floor wall which cantilevers above the living room double space. This double glazed scheme creates a unique atmosphere, in both ground and first floor, by letting the light and water reflections take control of the space inside the house.

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